My name is Fariba and I have created faribascorner as a place to learn, grow, explore and have fun.  This is where I like to write about all the things I am passionate about like cooking, books and music. 

What is there to tell ….

– I work full time in the high tech industry
– My background is Persian and Rusian (with a little bit of a stretch)
– My husband is a handsome scientist
– We have two cute and demanding kids –  Anahita is 15 and Bobak is 12
– Have a Havanese dog, Feezo, who comes from a VERY aristocratic family as she doesn’t like to do much expect for giving all of us a lot of love which we appreciate.
–  I have loved Books for as long as I can remember and owning a bookstore used to be what I dreamed of having one day. 
– I have the longest list of “embarrasing moments” than anyone I know
– My husband tells people that I do loving and cooking with abundance.
– I also like to take pictures and paint – years back, I went to Nepal and took pictures for three weeks while trecking, came back with a ton of great shots and had a photography exhibit with four other photographers in Berkely.  I no longer paint but adore de Kooning and ….
– I am not good in following recipes; in fact, there are few that I repeat – I have more fun making changes to old recipes and discover new combinations. 
I am delighted that you’re here (welcome!) and that this blog has finally taken root – do leave me comments or questions and come back again soon.

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